Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm no expert, but I'm just telling it like it is

Before I go on and share my thoughts on Andy Sutton's postgame comments from Game 2 of the Penguins-Senators series, let's review what took place near the end of the first period. I don't know how the  refs missed this call, but there is no place for this type of goonery in hockey, as seen in the Matt Cooke cheap shot on Marc Savard -- in the same building -- nearly a month ago.

Here's another view on the Sutton hit on Pens defenseman Jordan Leopold:

Now Sutton should get suspended for the hit, but because of the consistently inconsistent business known as the National Hockey League, Sutton will probably get a slap on the wrist.

But if the league actually does the right thing this time, they might want to consider suspending Sutton for an extra game for these postgame comments.

Now you tell me? Am I an expert on this? No, but I'm going to tell it like it as.

Obviously giving Sutton an extra game based on these comments will never happen, or will it? If Sean Avery got hit with a suspension on "sloppy seconds", then I guess any player can be suspended based on what comes out of their mouth.

Let's see if the NHL does the right thing.


For the record, I thought that the reporter who asked this question was a bit biased when he asked the question on Sutton's cheap shot. While the hit wasn't clean, there's just no need to ask the question the way the reporter put it. And while there certainly should have been a question or two asked about the situation, this all could have been easily avoided. Sutton's response was funny don't get me wrong, but the response could have been avoided as well. Those are just my two cents.

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