Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back by popular Demand: 2010 Rosie Awards

Back by popular demand, the 2010 Rosie Awards will showcase the best of the hockey world for the third straight year.

Full details will come in a separate preview of the show, but I thought I'd get started with a simple question: What do you want to see in this year's Rosie's? Should I give another lifetime achievement award like I did with Al Strachan last year? Should that anonymous character who posts rumors and innuendos 24/7 be involved somehow? Would you like to see a performance?

I'd like to hear your opinions. You can comment on the section below, or you can become a fan of Rosie's Rebounds on Facebook, or you can follow me on Twitter @rosieshockey, or you can even send me an e-mail to

Thanks for your support of the Rosie Awards these past couple years. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs!

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