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Rosie's Rebounds: 11/6/09

Shootout Controversy in CCHA

Last weekend in game one of the Nebraska-Omaha vs. Bowling Green series, the game was decided by a shootout in Omaha. Little did anyone in attendance know, that the end result would create a lot of controversy.

In overtime, Bowling Green freshman forward Jordan Samuels-Thomas – who netted a goal early in the third period – was called for a penalty with 16 seconds to go in OT. Nebraska-Omaha would not score during that span, thus the game goes into a shootout.

When the CCHA implemented the shootout last season, one of the rules stated that a player who was not on the ice at the end of overtime, would not be eligible to participate in the shootout.

Well, the referees must have forgotten the rule and Samuels-Thomas was able to participate in the shootout. Not only did Samuels-Thomas enter the shootout, but his goal happened to be the game winner, and thus give Bowling Green the victory in the CCHA standings (wins in shootouts don’t factor into the regular standings).

This cost UNO a point in the CCHA standings, but again if Samuels-Thomas doesn’t participate, the end result could have been different. But, we will never know that.

Topping Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Techno?

As you all know, Don Cherry was the opening act of the 2009 Rosie Awards with Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Techno. The next week, WWE owner Vince McMahon tried to steal the spotlight with “Stand Back”, but to no avail.

But quite possibly, this one could have topped both Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and Cherry.

Thanks to Inside Hockey’s own Jake Duhaime who posted this on my Facebook wall, this video from the Boston College Hockey team is now worth noticing – I can’t give you points Jake right now, but this was the least I could do.

Before the Beanpot in 1986, the BC hockey team participated
in the “Beanpot Trot.” And thanks to the modern marvel that is YouTube, we have the video (and of course I have to thank Jake).

Take a look at this yourself…

 …Now compare that to the Super Bowl Shuffle from the Chicago Bears. Somewhat similar isn’t it?

While 1986 - the year yours truly was born - had some interesting moments, the year also saw some laugh out loud material, in both a good way and an embarrassing way.

Rejected 30 for 30 Concepts

While searching twitter on Wednesday, I found this trending topic based on ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries that they’ve been running. And thanks to twitterverse, the sarcasm continues.

With series such as King’s Ransom, the documentary on Wayne Gertzky’s trade from Edmonton to LA, and the history of the USFL, users on twitter have been coming up with rejected ideas for the show, with the hashmark #rejected30for30concepts.

Yours truly came up with a few possible rejections - both hockey and non-hockey related. I’ll share a few of those with you.

- A quarterback in the making:The Ryan Leaf saga
- The NHL’s best season: A look into the 2004-05 campaign
- The Jim Balsillie Papers
- History in the Making: The saga of Smurf Turf at Boise State
- What a Rush: Rush Limbaugh’s career on Sunday NFL Countdown
- Centennial Leaders: The Habs 100th season

I can go on and on, but I’d rather give you the best tweet I have seen regarding this topic.

And here it is:

Playoffs? The Jim Mora Story.

Rebounds of the Week

Here are your rebounds of the week for November 6, 2009

Player: Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins – Bergeron didn’t have a bounce back week stat wise, but he finally got his team a goal after being shut out for 192 minutes and six seconds in last night’s 2-1 shootout loss to the Montreal Canadiens.

Team: Los Angeles Kings – While some hockey pundits expected the Kings to make a run for a playoff spot this season, very few teams expected them to do this well early on. The Kings trail San Jose by two points in the Pacific Division Standings. They are 10-4-2 overall, and are 6-2-2 in their last 10.

Game: Boston University @ Northeastern Tonight – I had to go with this since I will be at Matthews Arena along with my collegue Kevin Edelson for tonight's contest. Northeastern hasn’t played in two weeks when they lost to New Hampshire and UMass-Lowell. Boston University is coming off a split against UMass-Lowell. Should be a great game at the “New Barn”, which is sold out.

Note: Northeastern came out victorious in last night's game 1-0

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