Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flames Defeat Team Italy, I mean Habs

Once again, the Montreal Canadiens prove that they can don the ugly uniforms. But how could you possibly top last years uniforms that they wore against the Boston Bruins on Super Bowl Sunday? After all, Jack Edwards said it best when he said this after the final buzzer, "The Final, the Bruins 3, the Inmates 1"

Well, the ones they had on display against the Calgary Flames last night were pretty close.

Now I thought the Habs celebrated their Centennial last year, but I guess they had to extend it, since they didn't want their 100th season to look that bad.

So in celebration of season 100.5, the Habs used these uniforms on display.

Looking at these uniforms, I thought the Flames were originally playing the Wild. But then I realized, they looked like they were playing Team Italy. After all, 2010 is an Olympic year so Italy had to get their warmups in somehow before heading to Vancouver.

Final Score: Flames 1, Team Italy 0

Maybe the Italinas can bounce back before Olympic qualifiers. They might actually have a shot against Montreal this year, but that remains to be seen.

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