Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flyers' new villain: Jack Edwards?

We all know that Boston Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards, is just a bit biased when calling the action. When the B's are playing their hated rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, Edwards doesn't stop there. In fact he takes it further.

However, even though Edwards had his Revolutionary War rant against the Habs in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals last year, and was unhappy about the Habs jerseys when they played the Bruins on Super Bowl Sunday - remember in the end he said: "The final, the Bruins 3, the inmates 1." -  his incident in Philadelphia on March 29, tops everything.

Take a look at this incident when Randy Jones was a victim of Milan Lucic.

The Bruins return to the city of "Brotherly Love" for the first time since the Edwards laugh. I wonder if the Rosie Award recipient for the "The Howard Cossell tell it like it is" award last year will be on the jumbotron at the Wachovia Center tonight?

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  1. Edwards is the "Johnny Most" of hockey announcers. As long as you're a Bruins fan, that's OK.