Sunday, September 20, 2009

@Gary_Bettman Joins Twitter

After the "Brian Burke" parody twitter account gained steam earlier this year it seems like more and more hockey personalities have jumped to the ever popular social networking site. Well add another one to that list.

Just recently Gary_Bettman has decided to jump on the twitter bandwagon to share his tweets with the hockey world.

Let's compare "Brian Burke" and Gary_Bettman tweets for a minute

Let's start with "Brian Burke" first:

Ran into Eklund last night. He kept grilling me about trades and rumors. Finally I just paid him for the pizza and slammed the door.

We all know what happened after Sean Leahy posted the article over at the Puck Daddy Blog at Yahoo. Of course, the "anonymous" blogger over at Hockey Buzz by the name of Eklund decided to bash Puck Daddy editor Greg Wyshynski. The article is linked in the lead, but I'll add this from Hockey Buzz Hogwash and yes if your wondering I miss that site (just a note I will not under any circumstances have a direct link to any of Eklund's rumors at Hockeybuzz).

Here's a tweet from Gary_Bettman, who joined this morning actually.

OK Just read "The One Page Business Plan". The NHL is going to rock this year!

Any bets on which front office personality is going to use twitter next? Discuss in the comments section below.

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